Energy Rebates & Incentives

Air Services Company is a compressed air trade ally with ComEd (Northern Illinois), Focus On Energy (Wisconsin), Nipsco (Northern Indiana) and Ameren (Central Illinois) energy efficiency programs. As a trade ally with these programs Air Services Company can assist your company in all application and implemenation requirements in these programs. Since compressed air can account for over 50% of the power consumption in a plant, these incentives can help to drastically reduce your energy consumption.

Following is some additional information on the energy efficiency programs.

ComEd Smart Ideas

Leak Repair Incentive

  • ComEd will pay $12/hp of non-backup combined compressor horsepower
  • Customer must repair at least 50% of Leak Load

Compressed Air Study

  • ComEd will fully fund a compressed air study designed to improve system efficiency. The study includes data trending compressor power and system
  • ComEd will also fully fund a Compressed Air Leak Survey to identify leaks using an Ultrasonic Leak Detector
  • ComEd pays a one-time incentive payment of $0.07/kWh saved after proper measurement implementation
  • Customer must repair at least 50% of identified Leak Load
  • Eligible systems must be 50hp or larger

Standard Fixed Incentives

  • ComEd will pay the following incentives after Measure Implementation
    • New Variable Speed Air Compressor (<200hp) - $75/hp
    • No-Loss Condensate Drains - $100/drain
    • Cycling Refrigerated Dryer - $1-$3/CFM (dependent on specific dryer)
    • High Efficiency Air Nozzles - $20/nozzle

Custom Incentives

  • Eligible for One-Time Incentive Payment of $0.07/kWh
  • Eligible Measures Include (But are not limited to)
    • New Variable Speed Compressor (>200hp)
    • New High-Efficiency Fixed Speed Compressor
    • Low Pressure Blower Installation
    • New Multiple Compressor Control Sequencer

Tribune Direct Custom Incentive Case Study