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Our turnkey installations are true turnkey installations. Including electrical work, duct work, air & water piping, machinery moving.

Preventive Maintenance Agreements

For a plant with a large maintenance department - or one without a maintenance department, preventive maintenance agreements can prove to be very beneficial. Our preventive maintenance programs not only decrease (or in many cases eliminate) downtime but also improve the condition of your compressors. Each visit a complete preventive maintenance checklist is filled out. Vibration analysis is performed yearly on the air end as well as the drive motor. With extremely flexible programs, we can customize a program to fit your specific needs. After each of our services, the customer will receive a complete report of our findings. The reports are filed in the customers file and inspected after each service and compared to previous reports in order to notice any irregularities or trends.

Following is a sample of a preventive maintenance program for a plant that runs one rotary screw compressor for two shifts per day - five days per week:

  • This plant would require quarterly service since most compressor manufacturers call for oil filter replacement every 1000 hours and air filter replacement "as needed".
  • During each of our quarterly services, we would replace the oil filter, inspect the air filter - change if required, and perform a complete inspection of the entire compressor system.
  • During the final quarterly service, we would perform the above services with the addition of the replacement of the air-oil separator and perform a vibration analysis on the air end and motor.